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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Eye Drops for Your Condition

Posted Jan, 2013 by Aliveplusvision



The eyes are such an important organ and when they aren't functioning optimally it is highly irritating. They can become irritated in many different ways due to dust, pollen and other allergens, makeup, air-conditioning, chlorine in swimming pools..... the list goes on and on.

Eye-drops can often provide a quick and effective solution but with so many brands to choose from how do you know you've got the right drops for the job?

The best thing to do is take note of the symptoms you are experiencing as eye-drops are designed for the relief of specific symptoms. In most cases your eye condition will probably fit into one of the following categories:

Symptom Red Bloodshot Eyes

Whatever the cause, late nights, long days, you won't feel or look your best with bloodshot eyes. So what can you do? We recommend you use an eye whitener such as Clear Eyes Drops. These work to constrict the blood vessels in the eye and make it appear less red. They will also sooth and moisturize your eyes.

Symptom Itchy Watery Eyes

All to common during springtime with all the pollen in the air. You don't need to suffer through it though. Get your hands on an allergy relieve eye-drop such as Naphcon-A Eye-drops, they combine an antihistamine and a decongestant to provide effective relief from allergic conjunctivitis, including watery, red and itchy eyes.

Symptom Dry Gritty Eyes

If you spend a lot of time in air-conditioning or live in a dry climate, you're likely to experience dry eyes at times. Air travel can also leave your eyes gritty not a nice feeling. In this case you want an eyedrop that will lubricate your eyes, essentially mimicking your natural tears. Systane Lubricating Eye Drops are exactly what you need, they will provide relief for dryness, irritation, burning, stinging and reduced blink frequency.

The eyedrops mentioned above should cover you for most eye problems you will face, however, there are a multitude of other eyedrops you could consider, including ones for conditions like conjuctivitus. View more eyedrops here if your symptoms aren't covered above, and ofcourse seek medical advice if you are unsure which eyedrops are best for you.


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